Why you should post job on Ettework?

Manage Application

Easily manage any application from dashboard with the option to view candidate’s application, download CV, and send email to the candidates.

Apply Form

Allow candidate to apply job through our standard apply form, your custom apply url, or through social network like LinkedIn or Facebook.

Follow Company

Allow candidate to follow your company to get the latest update about your company and see any open position without having to browse job listings.

Edit Job

Edit job posting to update information on your job or you can completely change your job posting to another job within 30 days.

Job Suggestion

We’ll notify candidate about your job if the job match with their preferences such as job category, type, level, and skill.

Featured Jobs

Featured job ensure that your job will appear at homepage and at the top of the job listings along with other featured jobs.

Free Plans

Employer can use free plans to post a job for 7 days and view 25 resumes. These plans can be used only once for each employer user.

Candidate Suggestion

Candidate suggestion will notify you if there is any candidate that you might be interested to know based on your company profile.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices will ensure that candidate can view your job on any device with ease.